Saturday, April 23, 2011

Social Justice Piece

Let me first start off with saying that if you didn't attend this event then you really missed out!

The first thing that i am going to talk about is the S.C.W.A.M.P. that we did earlier this year in class.  S.C.W.A.M.P. was created by Leslie Grinner (the guest speaker) and she went into great detail with it and how it got it's name because she wanted it to be something that was easy to say opposed to something awkward so she came up with the S.C.W.A.M.P.  She said that these six things are huge in our culture and then broke them down using the movie Twilight.  The letters stand for straightness, christianity, whiteness, able bodied, man, and property holding.  All of these things can be related back to the readings that we have done throughout the year.

Johnson is the first author that i am going to connect to the lecture.  Johnson goes directly with all the aspects of S.C.W.A.M.P in how if you have all these things you are considered privileged.  Back in older times you actually needed to have all of these things to be able to vote.  Nowadays you don't and it makes things much more fair.  Johnson says that we need to talk about power and difference which Grinner did with the scwamp exercise.

The next person that i am going to relate is McIntosh.  McIntosh is all about how whiteness is an invisible privilege.  This whiteness is also apart of the scwamp and Grinner went into specific details about this.  When she is relating it to the movie she talks about how all the head vampires are white and there is only one vampire in the movie that is not white.  Also with the Cullen family they are a white family and therefore have a ton of money and a really nice house.  Also because they are white it is overlooked that their children although adopted are in relationships together.  Because they are white people don't make a big deal about it.  Also Grinner said something about how every man no matter what race wanted to be with the whitest person in the movie Bella.

Then lastly and sorry to be like Emily but i am going to relate Christensen.  She is about the media and how to interpret social stereotypes.  Since the lecture was about a movie it works because it is the media in how it shows some people being better than others.  It also teaches many lessons such as violence is ok because in one instance that Grinner was talking about she was talking about how a ware wolf got mad at his wife and hit her in the face.  She was left with terrible scars but basically said that it was fine and didn't do anything about it.  This promotes that violence is ok and if your husband hits you it doesn't matter and you just have to live with it.

Now i am going to connect the scwamp to outside sources.

The media plays a huge role in this by showing kids what is right and what is wrong.  It shows that men are in power by having all men be the head vampires.  All the characters are in relationships so it says you have to be dating someone.  It also has all the characters being in really good shape. aka muscular so thats why all girls like to watch the movie and want a muscular guy because it is always in the media.  Also there are characters in this movie that are religious and you can see people everywhere wearing crosses such as Snookie from Jersey shore.  You also see the Cullen family has a huge home and nice things so money and property play a huge role in the movie and media.  Many people also find this movie controversial because it is at time just about the guys in it and not the supposedly main character Bella.


Nextly i am going to relate sports to the SCWAMP in how men normally have an easier.  SCWAMP is easy to relate because a few years ago a basketball player came out as gay and it was a huge deal and it made players very uncomfortable.  Straightness is very valued in sports.  One thing that is different is whiteness is not valued at all which is a good thing.  As we try to get rid of this SCWAMP being the right thing sports is starting to do this.  If you are good enough you play.  All of these athletes are freakish athletes which means they are able bodied.

Then Lastly i am going to relate jobs.  It is just easier to get a job as a man.  It is also a proven fact that they get paid more money.  When you see high powered positions in the workplace for the most part they are men.  Also when you hear about the richest people in the world most of them are men.  Although it is not fair men do have it easier when it comes to getting and keeping a job.

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