Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Blog #2

Class Room Activity

On Thursday in class we did an activity that i had never done before and thought that it was really interesting.  There was a problem put up on the overhead and we had to decide where we stood on the issue.  It was very interesting to see what people thought and was right or wrong.  The first example that was up was having a class do a project that they made headbands and pilgrim suites out of paper.  I don't personally see how this is bad or offensive at all because most likely in the class they aren't going into great depth about the pilgrims and indians.  They are simply dressing up as the people would have and had a meal together.  Thanksgiving was a peaceful event and that's what the class was doing.

The activity was just a cool thing for us to do to see where we stand on things.  Also it gives us insight to what can come up in our future.  People seem to have issues with everything in the world so we just need to know how to handle it.  In many cases it was just one person that has a problem with a lesson plan in a few years but you still have to do something to change it because of that person.  So you always have to be careful in what you teach so can cater to everyones needs.


  1. I absolutely LOVED the activity! I certainly would love to do this in my classroom...It was also a good way to close and remember all the things that we had started to learn in this semester!

  2. So I really liked this activity also. I liked how instead of sitting down and having a discussion and hearing the opinions of only the people who talk in class, we got to see where the people who don't talk in class stand. We could see whether they were leaning more toward yes or no on the issue without them having to actually say anything.

  3. It was funny because you and I had the same thoughts about not really seeing the big deal on the activity because it was a ART project, and we thought that the discussion about that topic was going on for too long.

  4. The activity kinda reminded me of that movie I watched called Freedom did a similar thing