Sunday, April 24, 2011

Critical Teaching for Social Change

This is a very long piece that we had to read this week but it goes along with a lot of what we have already been talking about in how the classroom is set up and how it needs to be set up.  The piece talks about what is happening in the classrooms and what should be changed so that more is taken away from our schooling experience.  We are told to go to school for a young age with everyone on the same curriculum that is written be a group of people the don't know any of the students that are in the classes.  Also what is being taught very rarely changes and that isn't fair because each group of students that comes into school is different and has their own dreams.  In the article is says that there needs to be an agenda of values taught to the students also.  It says that we should teach in each of these areas...

Participatory • Affective • Problem-posing Situated Multicultural Democratic Researching • Interdisciplinary Activists.  The article then goes into each of them in great depth so i am not going to explain what each one is and give a whole background on each.

One of the most important ones it seemed like was the participation aspect.  Children need to be participating in a positive way that they enjoy so they will get the most out of the class.  If they are simply told that they have to participate and have nothing to say or don't know what to say then they aren't going to take much out of the lesson.  The article says that you need action to gain knowledge and you can start right away with participation on the very first day of school.  There are many websites that can help you with techniques of how to get students to participate so he is just one link that is geared towards a mass class.

As a future teacher i am going to have to use the techniques and strategies that are in this article.  I am also going to have to let kids discover and think on their own and not just them what we are doing and this is the only right way to do it.  Students need to explore with information to find the best way to do things and not always be told how to do everything.  Teaching is starting to become harder and harder with everything that is changing in our world so we  just need to be ready to deal with every situation that comes our way and not get stuck and just say "uuhg" and look like a fool.  We need to have answers already in the chamber like Dr. Bogad told us early on in the semester and i know it helped me when a boy said that Justin Beber was gay.  I already knew to say ooh really whats that mean.

In class i would like to talk about strategies to use in the classroom and see what has worked for everybody and what hasn't. 

Happy Easter!


  1. I used your blog this week as part of my extended comments!

  2. I liked your post this week. I too am going to have to use these techniques and make sure that I really let my students engage and ask questions. Teachers don't do that and that is the problem.

  3. I liked your blog this week! you brought up some good points!