Saturday, April 23, 2011


So i haven't really seen many of the "random blogs" so im not totally sure what im supposed to have in them so here goes...Kinda getting stressed out with all the work due.  Not only for this class but every class with every teacher assigning papers and projects due in the last week of school.  I just read and saw that we need two misc. blogs when i thought it was only one so im going to have to do another one on top of the normal blog and the social justice one that is worth ten percent of my grade so that's going to have to be a really good blog.  So right now im just trying to relax and just do a little bit of work at a time especially since tomorrow is easter and im going to have like no time to do my work then so that means one less day to get everything done.  Also we have our group projects that i think are very stressful because we only have two weeks till there due and i know most groups havent started them as of thursday.
Basically just have to just keep trudging and get everything done and just listen to a little bit of music to keep going.

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